At BFlow, we are well aware of the challenges posed by the preclinical research process, particularly when it comes to achieving models which that reproduce the in vivo conditions. Our in vitro solutions are accurate realistic approaches that reduce the expenses and time on preclinical assays.

Thus, the exclusive B-Flow technology offers you in a personalized way to build your Organ-on-a-chip models:

  • Customised chips suitable for great variety of applications

  • Improved design based in simulation of dynamic conditions by fluid dynamic modelling

  • Accurate microchannels with circular or semi-circular cross-section from 25 µm to mms diameter

  • Transparent and biocompatible material
  • Full experimental advice from the set up to the cellular culture

Some of our current projects:

  • Preclinical pharmacological assays. Bflow’s Vessel and Organ-on-a-chip pursue the improvement of preclinical drug testing in order to minimize the time and costs of clinical trials

  • Microfluidic chip for Circulating Tumor Cells (CTC) Capture. BFlow’s microfluidic chip captures CTC effectively due to its increased surface and it allows the integration of microscopic methods thanks to its high transmission of light. Related publication

  • Blood-Brain Barrier-on-a-chip. BFlow’s advanced BBB-on-a-chip design focuses on reproducing the in vivo conditions of neurovascular physiology on a microfluidic chip


“The microfluidic devices developed have made it possible to simulate the particular flow conditions of the bifurcations of blood vessels, and to describe a new mechanism of deposition of tumor cells that spread in circulation and that can potentially result in the generation of micrometastases. The versatility of these fluidics systems has also allowed us to modulate different clinically relevant situations to characterize this phenomenon and propose solutions that can be transferred to clinical practice in oncology in the future.

We are very happy with the quality of the devices and also with the attention of the BFLOW team, which quickly implements the changes we need in microfluidics platforms to suit our specific needs.”

Miguel Abal
Traslational Medical Oncology Group, Health Research Institute of Santiago (IDIS)
Complexo Hospitalario Universitario de Santiago de Compostela (SERGAS).

If you have a specific interest on these projects,
please reach us and let´s talk!

organ on a chip system

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