BFlow, Complete Microfluidic and organ-on-a-chip solutions for:

BFlow, your perfect partner:

Either you provide the design or we help with it.

Based on the description you provided, our technical team will produce the most appropriate configuration. You just need the idea and we will figure out how to implement it!

We will help you to choose the most suitable material and technique for your particular application. Do you need a biocompatible material for cellular culture? We have it.

We can also adapt the roughness of the interior walls upon your needs.

We provide with information on how the setup should be configured and if you may need some additional equipment to run your experiments.

Avoiding to make a prototype allows us to drastically reduce the production time.

We also can provide a detailed numerical simulation of the actual flows and internal pressures the device will experience under real functioning circumstances. Once you describe the details of your experimental conditions, we include then in our codes and run the simulation for you. This way you know what to expect even before running your experiments.

We have a wide experience with different biocompatible materials and cell lines and models from different tissues/organs. We can help you to perform successful Organ-on-a-chip experiments.

We can support you in the experimental design, collection of data, predictive models and even bioinformatics analysis associated with your experiments.

We want to help you with your project

Tell us your ideas and
constrains and our team
will come out with the
most appropriate
solution for your needs.

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