What we offer

Design of

Based on the description provided by the customers, our team will produce the most appropriate configuration. We also provide with information on how the setup should be configured and if you may need some additional equipment to run your experiments. You just need the idea and we will figure out how to implement it!

Construction of
the microdevices

Either you provide the design or we help with the design. We choose the material and technique that are more suitable for the particular application and construct it:

Laser ablation techniques (for channels ranging from a few microns up to 1 or two milimiters). We can control the rogosity of the inner walls, etc.
Oxygen plasma activation

PDMS: Biocompatible. Suitable for cell cultures aiming to produce organ-in-a-chip devices.
Other materials. We can fabricate you design over the material you prefer.

Numerical analysis
of the flow dynamics

We also can provide a detailed numerical simulation of the actual flows and internal preasures the device will experience under real funcioning circumstances. Once you describe the specifities of your experimental conditions, we include then in our codes and run the simulation for you. This way you know what to expect when running your experiments.

Custom micrometric Bflow

Custom micrometric structures by laser technologies

Circulating tumour

Circulating tumour cells capturing device

Structures Bflow

Structures up to 1 mm depth


PDMS custom devices

Numerical simulations Bflow

Numerical simulations of the fluid dynamics in the fabricated devices

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